Are you looking to reach your full potential?

I can help you to be the best version of yourself. 

I’m Sarah, and I’m a breathwork and productivity coach that helps people to transform their lives from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

My clients are typically professional, business owners or entrepreneurs who are overstretched, stressed out and who don’t feel that they’re giving a genuinely winning performance.

No matter where you are in your life, coaching is certain to help you.

Even top sportsmen and women, who rank at no. 1 have a coach.

Quite often, it’s us ourselves who hold ourselves back from making our lives the best they can be. Using a coach may sound like expensive self-indulgence, but it can take just a few coaching sessions to release you from being stuck and show you how to break through obstacles of time and productivity to reach what you want.

The coaching I provide is focused on breathwork, productivity, mindset and cold therapy.

Using my proven coaching techniques, I’ve transformed the lives of hundreds of people already, and I’d love to show you how to achieve remarkable results.

Sarah has been such a fantastic support over the last three months. We clicked straight away and the day after my first coaching session, I woke up in the early hours buzzing with excitement and ideas on how I could move my business forward.

She has moved me from a place of indecision to one of clarity and.creativity. I have bona fide ideas and plans in place that will see me fly in 2018, all thanks to Sarah. My confidence is bubbling over and I know that I can achieve everything that my heart desires.

I can’t recommend Sarah enough.

Rediscover your life outside of being busy and overwhelmed

I help busy people accomplish more AND feel better than they have for years

Sometimes people need just a little help to make the changes that will make all the difference.

As a coach, I focus on simplifying your life by streamlining processes and increasing your productivity. The result is that you’ll have more time to spend with who you love or your passions and greater freedom.

I am also a coach for mindset and wellbeing. My clients typically achieve far more, with higher energy and purpose. They also rediscover what joy, calm and fun are and this is shared with loved ones, family and friends.

I know what you’re going through, I’ve seen it before, and I’ve been there before.

Now’s your opportunity for me to take you by the hand and guide you so that you can lose the overwhelm and rediscover the fabulous life that lies outside of being busy and stressed.

Here’s how I work

We start with a session where I learn about what your life is currently like and what your dream life looks like. We explore goals. I can even help you with defining these, along with identifying your preferred lifestyle.

Next, we investigate the design of your bespoke plan. This personalised plan is designed to address the areas of your life that are bogging you down. It’s all about finding and improving what’s becoming too heavy to carry. The plan is created so that the stressors in your life are handled better to give you space to transform. This plan typically includes new solutions that will help you to achieve previously unimaginable results. These solutions may include:

  • Time management skills
  • Wellbeing actions such as breathwork and cold therapy
  • Confidence building
  • Outlook and positivity improvements
  • Natural health and essential oils for uplift and better focus

Many of my clients benefit from simplifying their admin by the smart use of technology. For example, using Google Drive to access files from anywhere can cut back on time, as can using CRM systems which help business owners to stay better connected to clients and their goals and plans. The latter can often translate into recognising when you can help clients more.

Once we’ve implemented some of these proven solutions, you’ll immediately begin to feel the difference.  You’ll feel lighter and have more clarity about where to put your focus to make progress and be in an overall better place.

I’m looking forward to working with you to help you meet your goals.

I have been working with Sarah for quite a while now and she is amazing!
I have been lucky enough to experience many of Sarah’s skills throughout our coaching from NLP, time line therapy to distance reiki. Sarah has also talked me through some beautiful meditations and worked with Angel cards. It really is coaching that combines the practical with the ‘woo woo’ that I love!

She has the patience of a saint and has helped me overcome so much.
I can never thank you enough Sarah for all you have done for me. You are one of Earth’s Angels and I am forever grateful that I have you in my life.

Take this offer now

Don’t put off building your dream life – let’s get started now.

I make every effort to ensure that each client gets what they need to succeed. My solutions are efficient and proven.

If you’d prefer to take a class, check out my classes and events for connecting mind, body and soul.

Contact me now to get started with a free initial consultation.  Complete the form on my contact page, and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours. Let’s get the transformation train moving – I can’t wait to talk to you.

Sarah was so helpful in guiding me through some ways I could implement some ways to help my mindset so I could achieve my goals. Sarah is really friendly and has a compassionate way of guiding. Highly recommend.
Thank you Sarah.

Simplify your life, elevate your potential and be the very best version of yourself